[BIG NEWS] Major Chinese publishers partner with PressReader to bring newspapers and magazines to the world

Get ready: the world’s largest digital collection of Chinese newspapers and magazines is coming to PressReader.


Today we’re announcing the launch of a major international partnership between PressReader and the China International Book Trading Corporation (CIBTC), a subsidiary of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG).


It’s our biggest international partnership yet.


What does this mean for you?

Well, some 50 million Chinese nationals live abroad, and more than 100 million Chinese nationals travel internationally each year. Now they’ll be able to enjoy up-to-date access to complete versions of their favorite Chinese publications, through your business and at thousands of other locations worldwide. Stay tuned for a list of initial launch titles in the coming weeks.


Join us in saying nĭ hăo to our newest international PressReader partner!


Read the full news release in English here
PressReader and CIBTC launch major international partnership to bring Chinese newspapers and magazines to the world

Leading Chinese titles join 5000 other global newspapers and magazines available to PressReader users

15 April 2016 (VANCOUVER, CANADA) PressReader today is announcing the launch of a major partnership with the China International Book Trading Corporation (CIBTC), a subsidiary of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG). Together PressReader and CIBTC will bring China’s leading newspapers and magazines to the world. This initiative will have a lasting impact for millions of readers, delivering what will become the largest collection of Chinese content in digital form to PressReader’s rapidly growing global audience. The content will be rolled out to over 300 million individual subscribers and PressReader users who receive sponsored access to the service.

“This partnership has been several years in the making,” says PressReader’s Chief Content Officer, Nikolay Malyarov. “We’re thrilled to play such a major role in bringing Chinese content to the world. China’s international influence continues to grow, and this partnership will help readers everywhere to gain a more informed, balanced view on all things Chinese.”

Operating since 1999, PressReader has taken on an incredible growth trajectory following a rebrand in 2013. PressReader provides unlimited, all-you-can-read digital access to thousands of newspapers and magazines for patrons and employees of libraries, governments, universities, hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships and other businesses throughout the world. This content is available to download and read on their personal smartphones, tablets and laptops, both online and through PressReader’s native iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows applications.

Some 50 million Chinese nationals live abroad, and more than 100 million Chinese nationals travel internationally each year. They will now be able to enjoy up-to-date access to complete versions of their favorite Chinese publications, regardless of where they are in the world. PressReader’s breadth of content and unique features make it a highly personalized experience for each of these readers, allowing them to dive deep into their favorite news sources and subjects, from politics to sports, fashion to cooking.

PressReader is particularly excited about the impact this partnership will have in terms of connecting Chinese travelers and expats, as well as empowering new generations of readers interested in Chinese publications, including language learners, journalists, business operators, arts and culture lovers and travel enthusiasts alike. Thanks to the availability of PressReader’s instant translation for some titles, this content will even be accessible for those who don’t read Chinese.

PressReader’s Chief Commercial Officer, Igor Smirnoff, emphasizes the importance of this announcement for PressReader’s thousands of business partners. “The largest linguistic group in the world now has access to their favorite content through our global business partners, making PressReader a must-have for any organization that serves Chinese-speaking clientele.”

About PressReader
PressReader is the first and largest all-you-can-read digital media platform, reaching more than 300 million readers who use PressReader to read, share and engage with published content. Full issues of 5,000+ global newspapers and magazines can be read online, in print or downloaded via the PressReader app on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices. PressReader’s business partners, offering sponsored access to the platform, include thousands of libraries, hotels, airlines, cruise ships corporate offices, VIP lounges and restaurants worldwide. PressReader also partners with thousands of publishers to help them monetize and distribute their content to grow their global readership. For more information visit about.pressreader.com.

About the China International Book Trading Corporation
Founded in 1949, CIBTC was the first company in China to get a license for importing and exporting books. The company has maintained its leading position as an exporter of books and magazines. Its business networks extend to every major Chinese city and over 180 countries and regions. In 2006, the corporation became a cultural enterprise group after merging the printing plant and paper company under the China International Publishing Group. For more information visit www.cibtc.com.cn.

About the China International Publishing Group
The China International Publishing Group (CIPG) was founded in 1949 with a mission to introduce China to foreign countries through books, magazines and websites. CIPG has over 20 subsidiaries as well as 12 overseas branches located in the United States, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong, constituting a conglomerate of foreign language publishing and marketing. Currently, CIPG has a staff of nearly 3,000 people, including over 100 foreign experts. Every year CIPG publishes over 3,000 titles of books and 30 periodicals in more than 10 languages. CIPG operates www.china.org.cn and another 30 websites. It organizes book exhibitions and cultural exchange activities overseas each year. For more information visit www.cipg.com.cn.

Read the full news release in Chinese here


加拿大温哥华2016年4月15日 今天PressReader 宣布与隶属于中国国际出版集团(CIPG)的中国国际图书贸易集团公司(CIBTC)实施重大合作,PressReader将和CIBTC一起把中国最好的报刊杂志带到世界。这一举措将对数百万的读者产生持续的影响,对PressReader快速成长的全球读者提供数字形式的中文内容的最大汇集地。这些内容将向3亿个人订阅户和PressReader的可享受赞助接入服务的用户推出。

“ 这种伙伴关系已经酝酿了好几年“ PressReader 首席内容官 Nikolay Malyarov说,“我们很荣幸担任把中国的内容推向世界的重要角色。中国的国际影响力继续增长,此次合作将帮助读者随处可获得对中国所有东西更明智的,平衡的观点”。

从1999年运营以来,PressReader 取得了一个令人难以置信的增长轨迹,并在2013年公司更名PressReader。
PressReader为图书馆,政府,大学,宾馆,餐馆,航线,油轮和遍布世界的其它生意的客户和员工提供无限的,任意阅读的数字接入到数千的报纸和杂志的服务。这些内容可以下载并在他们的个人智慧手机,平板电脑,手提电脑上阅读。支持在线和通过PressReader 的iOS, Android, BlackBerry 和 Windows App阅读.

有5千万华人居住在海外,每年全球旅游华人人数有一亿。无论他们在世界的何处,现在他们可以享受到最新的完整版本的他们喜欢的中文出版物。PressReader 内容的广度和独特的功能为这些读者提供一个高度个性化的体验。

PressReader 异常兴奋关于这次合作的影响力,它将连接中国的旅游者和外籍人士。也增强新生代的读者对中文出版物的兴趣,包括语言学习者,记者,生意经营者,艺术和文化爱好者,旅游爱好者。谢谢PressReader对一些刊物的即时翻译功能,这些内容甚至可为那些不懂中文的人服务。

PressReader 的首席商务官, Igor Smirnoff 强调这次声明对PressReader的数千生意合作伙伴的重要性,“世界上最大的语言群体现在通过我们全球商业合作伙伴可接入到他们喜爱的内容,对于任何服务于说中文的客户的机构PressReader成为必须有。”

PressReader是第一个并且是最大的任意阅读的数字媒体平台,有3亿读者通过PressReader阅读,分享并从事已发布的内容。完整版本的5000+全球报纸和杂志能够在线阅读,打印或者通过PressReader的iOS,Android,BlackBerry 和Windows的APP 下载。PressReader的商业合作伙伴提供赞助可接入到平台的服务,包括全世界的数千的图书馆,酒店,航空公司,油轮公司,VIP休息室和餐馆。PressReader还是数千的出版商的合作伙伴,帮助他们盈利并发行他们的内容来增加其全球读者群。了解更多信息,请浏览about.pressreader.com

成立于1949年,CIBTC 是中国第一家取得图书进出口权的公司。公司保持着图书和杂志出口的领先地位。它的生意网络延伸到每一个主要的中国城市及180个国家和地区。在2006年,在合并了中国外文出版集团下属的印刷厂和纸业公司后变成了文化企业集团。了解更多信息,请浏览www.cibtc.com.cn.

CIPG带着通过图书,杂志和网站把中国介绍给国外的使命成立于1949,。CIPG有超过20个子公司和12个位于美国,英国,德国,比利时,俄罗斯,埃及,墨西哥,日本和香港的国外分支机构,构成一个外文出版和市场的企业集团。现在,CIPG有将近3000名员工,包括100个外国专家。每年CIPG有10多种语言超过3000 部图书和30多个期刊出版。CIPG 运营着www.china.org.cn 和另外30个网站。它还每年在国外举办图书展销和文化交流活动。了解更多信息,请浏览www.cipg.com.cn