With the fresh release of PressReader.com, we’ve also launched an entirely new help center for our readers at Care.PressReader.com. Come and take a look!

We’ve streamlined the help center to make it easier to find answers to your questions about PressReader. There is a section for folks just getting started, and another for updates about the website or apps. We’ve built a section specifically to answer your account questions, one to cover our traditional reading features, and another to describe the social and sharing functions available. Many of these pages also include episodes from our “How To” video series to illustrate the features step-by-step. When you have found something you like, vote or follow the page for updates. If you can’t readily locate what you’re looking for, try a keyword search. The search results will include articles written by the PressReader Care team, as well as suggestions made by other readers in the Community.

We hope that this framework puts our best resources in front of you when you need them, but if you’d like to get in touch with our PressReader Care team directly, you can do that here too! Submit a request to create a support ticket, or post your question in the Community to open a discussion. You’ll get replies in the Community from other readers as well as PressReader Care staff, and you’ll also be able to leave public responses of your own.

In the Community, we’ll collect our readers’ fantastic suggestions to make PressReader better than ever. Cast your vote on each idea and bring your favorite to the top of the list – just login with your PressReader account. We can’t wait to get started!

PressReader Care Website