Weekly Hot Topics – July 9 2015

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This week…

Alexis-TsiprasGreek citizens gave a resounding message to the world on Sunday when they overwhelmingly voted against a deal that would see increased austerity. With the “no” side winning the referendum by a 61% majority, Greek leaders can now return to the bargaining table with a much stronger argument.

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China StockThe Chinese stock market has began to tumble in what many are saying is a retelling of the Dotcom Bubble of 2000. Falling by nearly 6% on Wednesday, over half of the companies in major indexes have been suspended from trading in Shanghai. Another frightening situation hit the United States on the same day when the New York Stock Exchange was taken offline due to a technical error.


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SoccerThe FIFA Women’s World Cup concluded in Vancouver, Canada this Sunday with the United States taking gold. Winning 5-2 over Japan, the US women dominated final game. Many celebrated the highly viewed game as salvation from the corruption stories hounding FIFA’s upper management.


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