Weekly Hot Topics – June 25 2015

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GreeceGreece is rapidly approaching the June 30th deadline to both repay the IMF $1.8 billion and create a new lending agreement with it’s eurozone debtors. Lenders want Greece to stop raising taxes and start cutting its domestic programs, but Greek leaders are refusing these proposed austerity measures and instead are asking for partial forgiveness of debt. If no agreement is reached with its’ lenders, Greece will not receive the remaining $8.1 billion of bailout funds. Without these funds Greece has said they will be unable to repay the IMF and will default, which could send ripples across the world’s financial markets.

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PotFollowing a Supreme Court of Canada ruling earlier this month that made all forms of medical marijuana legal, Vancouver has become the first city in Canada to regulate marijuana dispensaries; however, these dispensaries are illegal by federal law. The Canadian Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose, has said she is “deeply dissapointed” in the city and calls on police to enforce the law. A City Councillor who voted in favor of these new bylaws says Ambrose is out of touch with reality, as unregulated dispensaries had been flooding the city.


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TaylorTaylor Swift brought Apple to swiftly reverse their decision not pay artists for users listening to their songs during a free three month trial of Apple Music. The new streaming service is the tech giant’s project aimed at displacing Spotify, the current leader in music streaming.




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