Weekly Hot Topics – June 11 2015

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This week…

IraqPresident Obama announced this Wednesday that he would be sending 450 more military advisers to Iraq. The administration assured reporters that these new soldiers would be kept off the front line, a continuation of the conviction that only Iraqis can solve this emergency driven my religious divides.

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G7World Leaders at the G-7 summit in Germany pledged to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 70% by the end of this century. This call for a decarbonized economy has lead to hopes of a productive UN conference on climate change that will be held in Paris this year.


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PrisonersTwo prisoners escaped for an upstate New York maximum security prison on Monday. It is suspected that the prisoners, David Sweat and Richard Matt, were aided by either prison employees or contractors in the escape. A manhunt involving over 250 officers is underway for the men who have both been convicted of murder.


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