Weekly Hot Topics – May 28 2015

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This week…


FIFASeven top officials of soccer’s largest governing body, FIFA, were arrested on Wednesday in Switzerland over allegations of racketeering, money laundering, fraud, and more. While corruption has been known to exist in the organization for a long-time, this represents the first serious action taken toward combating these issues.

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Texas FloodEnvironmental disaster has put much of Texas and India into a state of emergency this week. Storms rolled over Texas bringing record rainfall and triggering flooding that devastated much of the state and left many missing. A heat wave has pushed temperatures in India over 50°C killing an estimated 800 while the roads are literally melting.


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GreeceMore economic woes have emerged from Greece after the nation threatened to default on a €1.6bn IMF loan repayment that is due next month. The Greek government, led by the anti-austerity Syriza party, has claimed that the nation lacks funds needed to repay the loan.


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