Weekly Hot Topics – May 14 2015

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This week…


NepalA second earthquake, with a magnitude of 7.3, struck Nepal yesterday. While the number of deaths has been estimated to be much lower than the previous 7.8 magnitude quake that killed more than 8,150 last week, relief efforts have been set back significantly

LabelOne opinion on the event: Disaster relief should be a global effort. Do you support this opinion? Support it now or add your own.




CaptureAn Amtrak train transporting 238 passengers and five crew members crashed during its route from Washington D.C to New York killing seven. While the cause of the accident currently remains unknown, it is possible that the lack of anti-speeding technology may have played a part.


One opinion on the story: The nation’s infrastructure needs to be revitalized. Do you support the opinion? Support this opinion or add your own!




Tom BradyAn NFL inquiry has discovered that Tom Brady likely knew that Patriots employees were intentionally deflating balls, giving their team and edge. Punitive measures have been taken against both Brady and the Patriots.


One opinion on the event: There needs to be more accountability in professional sports. Click here if you agree or add your own opinion here!



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