Weekly Hot Topics – May 7th 2015

The first week of May is wrapping up and a lot has been happening across the world! Weekly Hot Topics is here to bring you this week’s leading news stories.

This week…


Polling stations for the 2015 General Election opened in the United Kingdom today. A hung parliament is expected with neither the Conservative Party nor the Labour Party projected to take a majority in their neck and neck race. Recent polls place the Scottish Nationalist Party in third, which would leave them as a power broker in creating a coalition government.


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677 girls and women were freed from Boko Haram this past week by Nigeria’s army. There have been an estimated 2,000 female hostages captured by the Islamist militant group who advocate for a fundamentalist regime in Western Africa.


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The fight of the century that occurred this previous Saturday between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao was something some boxing fans would like to soon forget. However, news about Pacquiao not disclosing a shoulder injury prior to the fight is breathing new life into this story. Pacquiao could face lawsuits and disciplinary action from Nevada boxing officials.

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