FIPP Opinion Article: To App, or Not to App?

If you’re a fan of a good digital debate, writes Nikolay Malyarov chief content officer at PressReader, you’ve probably enjoyed the battle over mobile bits and bytes that has been discussed, disputed and deliberated since 2011 – native versus web.

It all started when the Financial Times (FT) bucked the native app trend in 2011 and launched the first major HTML5 news web app, three years before the technology became a recognised standard.

Less than a year later, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the abandonment of the company’s web app development for iOS declaring the use of HTML5 “one of the biggest mistakes, if not the biggest strategic mistake that we made”.

In our most recently published FIPP opinion article, read more about who wins the battle over mobile bits and bites.

Web vs Native