Spotlight: Vote NO on the TransLink Tax

Support the opinion: Vote NO on the TransLink Tax

Spotlight is back with a war against tax!

The divisiveness of the proposed 0.5% “Metro Vancouver congestion improvement tax” is picking up steam. The mayors’ council wants area residents to vote yes to adding the tax on top of the provincial sales tax in the region – taking $258 more from an average household each year. The money would be spent on transportation priorities like more buses, another subway line in Vancouver and light rail in neighbouring Surrey.

Opponents to the tax argue that TransLink, the region’s transit authority, has mismanaged key projects and its existing funds.

Jordan Bateman, spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and leader of the NO vote, pulls off the gloves and lays out how much people already pay for a wasteful system. How much is too much? Would you pay? Watch the video and support the opinion if you’d say NO more tax.

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