Spotlight: Kinder Morgan's Pipeline Proposal Must Be Scrutinized

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Support the opinionKinder Morgan’s pipeline proposal must be scrutinized

Kinder Morgan’s proposed oil pipeline expansion is a hot issue. The pipeline would carry diluted bitumen from Alberta’s oil sands for raw export to international markets via British Columbia ports. Economic benefit versus environmental impact lay at the heart of the issue. An oil spill could be devastating for Canada’s west coast, yet the potential to open Asian markets for Canadian oil is nearly irresistible. What do stakeholders need to know? Should the pipeline go ahead?

Join us as Spotlight talks with Dr. Andrew Weaver, MLA, Deputy Leader of the BC Green Party and noted climate scientist, about Kinder Morgan’s pipeline proposal. Dr. Weaver highlights concerns about the proposed pipeline and shares his experience as an official intervenor seeking answers about the benefits and risks the project would bring. He asserts that the proposal must be scrutinized. Do you agree?

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