Weekly Hot Topics – March 19th 2015

Weekly Hot Topics is back to catch you up on top news stories! Get the details on international news that have made headlines this week and spark the conversation around the dinner table tonight.

This week…


The Bardo Museum in Tunis was attacked by 2 gunmen who held tourists as hostages and killed at least 20. Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for this massacre.

LabelAn opinion on the event: We will not surrender to terrorists. Do you support this opinion? Support it now or add your own.



A research study conducted by Chinese and American scientists has successfully revealed the physical effects of love using MRI scans. Scientists say this study could lead to brain scans that detect love.


Some people have the opinion: Love should be magical, not scientific. Do you agree? Support this opinion now or add your own!



Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, predicted the danger of human-driven vehicles in the future at Nvidia’s annual developer conference. How will this change the automotive industry?


One opinion on the story:  Self-driving cars will be the new norm. Do you support this opinion? Click support or add yours here!


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