Our team has been hard at work putting together a series of help videos to make it easy for our readers and partners to use PressReader. We encourage all of our business partners to share these tip videos with their staff, customers and guests!

How to select publications on PressReader
This video shows you how to find your favourite titles and discover new ones, too.

How to manage downloaded titles on PressReader

Learn how to manage your library of downloaded titles for offline reading.

How to delete and lock publications on PressReader

This step-by-step guide shows you how to lock specific publications to ensure they won’t disappear, and also how to free up space for new content by deleting older issues you’ve downloaded.

How to personalize your reading experience on PressReader

Learn how to customize your PressReader Home Feed and tailor your account by enabling a range of features. Choose your favourite font, change your navigation settings and set visual cues for a smoother, more personalized PressReader experience.

More questions? We’re always here to help. Get in touch with our business team.