Updated PressReader iOS app improves content discoverability and reader experience

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just released an updated version of our iOS PressReader app, bringing a number of big changes that will improve reader experience and get your content noticed.

What’s new?

The new app version is designed for better content discovery, giving your titles increased visibility on the PressReader platform. A stunning new visual display makes it easy for PressReader’s global reader-base to discover new publications by category, publication type, country or language. The app also allows for better-than-ever personalization with the addition of PressReader’s customizable home feed. Readers can add their favorite titles and sections to their home feed to create a truly customized, and more importantly a stickier and habitual reading experience. To learn more about the key feature, click here.

Adding value for our publishing partners

As always, we’re working hard to grow your audience, revenue and distribution footprint. Our latest innovations in the PressReader app are designed to increase time spent reading and bring new readers to your content.

Also, we also wanted to share with you that as per our commitment to you, this app release has been successfully planned and controlled to ensure a smooth deployment. We will continue to monitor the release and we look forward to bringing you growing results!

Note that the new version of the Android app is expected to be released in the next two weeks. We will provide you with updated information shortly. New versions of PressReader for Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 will follow soon after. Stay tuned!

The updated PressReader app is available on iOS now via the Apple App Store. For more information, view our press release.

The PressReader Team