The New PressReader App Is Out!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released an updated version of the PressReader app on iOS, bringing a number of big changes based on reader feedback. Updated apps for Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8 are on the way!

We’ve worked hard to enhance the reading experience on PressReader. We’ve made big improvements to performance and added some clever new features that we know you’ll love. We’ve also listened to reader feedback and tweaked a few features and options to make your reading experience even better.

What’s new?

#1 Personalized home feed
We’ve added a personalized home feed to deliver an endless stream of top news stories just for you. Customize your home feed with the content that you want. You can even add sections from your favorite publications to make your own newspaper or magazine. You can make your home feed your default start screen in settings.

PressReader home feed

#2 Improved publications catalog
Easily discover content that you’ll love. The improved publications catalog displays top titles for your location in the carousel, as well as your favorite publications. Find titles with filters for category, publication type, country or language in the side menu. Free local content suggestions are presented first below the carousel.

PressReader Publications Catalog

#3 Create a free account in-app to access social features
Now you can create a free PressReader account within the app to access social features like commenting and sharing. Also, if you like commenting, you now have the ability to edit or delete your comments. Who said you can’t change your mind and comments have to last forever?

Edit comment on PressReader

#4 Turn article highlighting on or off
We reduced blue highlighting on article titles and added an option to turn it off while reading in full screen mode, if you prefer. The highlights indicate links and are used to open stories in text view for easy reading. If you want the most authentic, replica newspaper and magazine experience, you can turn the highlights off in settings.

PressReader blue highlights options

#5 Turn full screen mode on or off
Speaking of full screen mode, we’ve added a setting to allow you to disable it. Some readers don’t need the extra reading space and want to see the top and bottom navigation menus while reading. If you like full screen reading, all you do is tap to make the menus appear.

PressReader full screen options

#6 Share to OneNote
We’ve added OneNote support! Now you can share and save stories to your Microsoft OneNote account.

Plus a lot more! Discover for yourself by downloading the updated app now from the Apple App Store.  Read the news release here.

Happy Reading,
The PressReader Team