The 5 Best Quotes from World Cup News

Coverage of the FIFA World Cup games in Brazil has dominated hearts and minds the world over. As the World Cup final game approaches this Sunday, we look back on the most quotable moments in news.

On career choices:

“If I lived my life over again I would stay in the countryside…I prefer the countryside, the milking of the cows and the sheep,”

Quote from Alfredo di Stefano appeared in The Jakarta Post

On star players:

Brazil without Neymar is like Rio de Janeiro without Christ the Redeemer. Still good, still enjoyable, but definitely missing a star attraction, a major reference point.

Quote from journalist Henry Winter appeared in Sport

On biting:

“There are things that happen on the pitch and you should not make such a big deal out of them,”

Quote from Uruguay player Luis Suarez appeared in NT News

On cultural identification:

“Brazilian football was reduced to dust,” 

Quote from sports columnist Juca Kfouri appeared in The New Age (Free State)

On sportsmanship:

“If you want to become world champions you have to win matches, and ‘dirty’ victories belong to that,” 

Quote from former German captain Lothar Matthaus in the National Post