Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

The Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games awed spectators with a sweeping tour of Russian culture and culture. Opera and ballet made their appearance, as did War and Peace, Russian cosmonauts and bouncing onion domes. The performance was packed with references that were visually navigated by a young girl Lubov (“Love” in Russian) in a floating dreamscape.

Publications carried many stories about the visual effect that did not work as expected. Early on in the program one snowflake meant to transform into the fifth Olympic ring didn’t open, and for Russian viewers the directors were able to replace the live feed with a taping of a successful sequence made days earlier. Ultimately, the directors were able to distract attention from the glitch with the scale and scope of the show. Click here for the story from The Courier & Advertiser (Angus and The Mearns edition).

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