Libraries Staying Relevant

There’s no question about it: libraries worldwide are undergoing drastic changes. In many countries, libraries are in the process of evolving from “warehouses for old books” to vibrant centers of community, providing high value services that go above and beyond the “traditional” library that we know.In the midst of all this change, there is much talk about the efficacy of the library, and whether or not we need them. Naysayers contend that libraries are passé, and are remnants of a society that we’ve outgrown. However, studies show that libraries are still very much in demand, are highly used, and are central to communities everywhere.

A Pew Research study indicated that libraries are, in fact, more relevant than ever. The study showed that Americans were increasingly using the library in 2012, for services other than borrowing books. For instance, libraries reported that 15% of Americans aged 16 and older borrowed magazines and journals, and 14% borrowed newspapers. The library also saw increases in the circulation of e-books and audio books.

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