Clarification on PressReader v2 iOS support

For clarification purposes, PressReader v2 for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch released this past Monday (October 18, 2010) through the iTunes App Store supports iOS 3.2 and higher for iPad and iOS 4 and higher for iPhone/iPod Touch.

We realize that for those who have not yet upgraded their iPhone or iPod Touch, this creates a problem as PressReader does not function on iOS 3.1.3.  While we are working on supporting 3.1.3 in our next release (with limited functionality), we strongly encourage you to update your device to take full advantage of PressReader’s latest greatest features along with those planned for future releases, including but not limited to:

  • A new PDF rendering system which will allow deeper zoom
  • Two-page spreads in landscape mode
  • Article bookmarking

While we realize there are iPhone and iPod Touch users who are reluctant to upgrade due to known issues with iOS 4, rest assured that an upgrade to iOS 4.1 will help avoid the majority of these issues and will most importantly, allow you to get the best out of the PressReader application.