The e-Reader Tipping Point – Is it already here?

e-ink on Minority ReportIt’s been 7 years since Stephen Spielberg introduced movie goers to e-ink in his sci-fi thriller, “Minority Report”. Back then it seemed a bit far fetched to think that people would ever read a newspaper on an e-Reader. But some pioneers took heart and we started to see e-Readers (in primitive form) hit the market a few years later.

Today, everyone seems to be in the game. And the excitement has fueled publishers of books, magazines and newspapers all over the world to get their content on these hot new devices as fast as they can.

This week O’Reilly is sponsoring a conference called Tools of Change for Publishers and the buzz  is all about e-Readers. Amazon announced a new release of Kindle, but it’s still limited by its primitive RSS interface.  It’s really too bad – they just don’t seem to get it.  Kindle is fine for books I guess, but it sure can’t give readers what they want from the news.  Website RSS feed content doesn’t cut it – people want all of the newspaper content in the palm of their hands. 

Meanwhile, other folks are trying to get on the bandwagon by announcing they will support devices that won’t hit the market for another 12-18 months!   They have nothing to offer but hope, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from  making a lot of noise.   😉

PressDisplay on iRexHowever, despite the fact that some manufacturers are struggling to get their devices out the door, today, we are already seeing some pretty amazing technology being used by people who want all the paper without all the paper.

Take the iRex for example.  We announced support of the iRex DR 1000 before it hit the market last year and we just announced new features on it.  And then there is PolymerVision’s Readius device – we are demonstrating PressDisplay on it this week in NYC.  Our iPhone Application will be released in a matter of weeks.

NewspaperDirect has seen an incredible shift in the attitudes of publishers who once thought e-ink was a fad, but now understand that this technology is the way of the future.   They also understand that people really do want to read their publications on small devices like the iPhone.   The numbers speak for themselves and are growing monthly.  We have thousands of subscribers accessing PressDisplay on their iPhones and iPod Touch devices everyday.

iPhone PressReader ApplicationYes, the tipping point in e-reading technology is just around the corner, if it’s not already here.  And at NewspaperDirect, we’re ready for it.  We have engineered our PressDisplay and SmartEdition ePaper technology so that the moment a device is announced in the market, we’re already on it!  

We’ve made a promise to newspaper, magazine and book publishers that we will continue to offer their full-content publications on devices that are designed to support what people really want – all the content anywhere, anytime, any way.  And what that means is that their content will be monetizable AND it won’t cost our publishers a dime!  Our “zero cost” business model makes it all possible.

Yes, there is so much exciting news in the publishing market today.  They key thing is to know what’s real and what’s vaporware.   But let me clearly state right here, “The buzz at NewspaperDirect is not just noise – we’re the real deal.”

If you are a publisher and want to learn more, contact us at  And if you want to try to learn what all the buzz is about and enjoy your favorite publications anywhere, anytime, any way,  just register here using offer code e-Reader for a full month FREE, compliments of NewspaperDirect.