PressReader Now Optimized for Windows Vista

Some great news for Vista users… and PressReader are now optimized for Vista.  Check out our news release.  And look what Microsoft had to say…

“By adopting Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) technology and integrating its advanced features — such as automatic text reflow, advanced graphics and search — into PressReader, NewspaperDirect was able to significantly improve the newspaper reading experience,” said Mika Krammer, director of Windows Client Mobility at Microsoft Corp. “With the launch of PressReader for Windows Vista, NewspaperDirect gives users the same authentic newspaper experience across multiple form factors, including Tablet PCs, Ultra-Mobile PCs and Windows Mobile-based devices. helps readers enjoy hundreds of publications from around the world anywhere, anytime and on any Windows-powered device.”

PressReader from NewspaperDirect on Vista

I’m not sure if you recall an article last summer about the New York Times using Microsoft’s newsreader for users to read the NYT paper offline, but more recently the Seattle Post-Intelligencer also announce the same thing. 

It was interesting that these two stories receive so much attention.  In fact, many of our publishers wondered why we weren’t making a lot more noise about our PressReader since with only 1 software download, people can save any of our 450+ publications to their computer or UMPC or tabletPC or smart mobile phone.  With the Microsoft newsreader, users have to download new software for every different newspaper. 

I downloaded the Seattle PI (that uses MS newsreader) this AM and it took 20 minutes.  I’m not sure I’d do that again.  I also had to log off my machine and login as an adminstrator to do the download because we have security restrictions on software downloads at work and most employees are not allowed to download software themselves (I happen to have the permission, but I still have to login as admin to do it).  For most other employees, they have to ask the IT dept to do it for them.  That’s okay with a single download of code, but if you had to download code for every newspaper you wanted to read offline, I think the IT dept might have a little trouble with that, especially at 20 minutes a pop!

So I thought I’d “make a little noise” about our PressReader to keep our publishers happy who want it promoted and let you know how it is different from the MS NewsReader.  Here’s a little comparision table….

PressReader versus NewsReader

 So if you want to download and save any number of newspapers from a choice of over 450, I think you should check out PressReader

But, if you’d rather spend 20 minutes downloading separate code for each paper available with the MS reader (I think there are 2, maybe 3 right now supported) and only get part of the paper, not the whole issue, then you should ask yourself….WHY!