Share PressDisplay with your friends

I’ve been asked by some of our readers to share more tips and tricks on how to use all the cool features in, so I thought I’d start with article and page sharing.

Sharing stories and pages from PressDisplay is fun and very easy.  Say you are reading an article and want to send it to a friend – even a friend who doesn’t have a PressDisplay account.  If you want to send them the article in the page it appears, just click on the envelope icon on the toolbar below the article while you read it in graphics view.

Sharing articles in PressDisplay

PressDisplay will create an email dialogue which includes your email address, the title of the article and issue of the paper in the subject line.  It will also include a thumbnail of the page of the paper where the article is located, a link to the article and room for you to enter comments. 

Email sharing

No cutting and pasting…you don’t even have to open you own email system.  Just enter your friend’s email address (or multiple friends’ emails separated by commas), type your message and click [Send].   PressDisplay takes care of everything for you.

If you want to send just the article, then read it in text view (by clicking on the title of the article) and then click the envelope icon at the top toolbar.

Sharing articles through email

When your friend receives the email from you

 article sharing

they just click on the embedded link or thumbnail to open PressDisplay and read the article for free. They don’t even need to register.  Like I said…it’s easy and your friends get to read articles for free.

And although we all know it is better to give than to receive – we also know that receiving isn’t so bad either and so we want to share with you too.  If your friend decides to subscribe to PressDisplay as a result of you sharing an article, you automatically get a 10-15% commission for up to three years on their subscription! 

So why not give it a try?  Share stories with clients – it’s a good excuse to “touch them”.  Family and friends will enjoy hearing from you and most of what you want to say is probably in the article – so your message in the email can be short and sweet 🙂