How do our subscribers use PressDisplay?

Ever wonder how different people use PressDisplay? We know that many of our customers just love reading news from around the world and others are frequent travellers or expatriates and want to read newspapers from “home”. But did you know that some people find PressDisplay to be a competitive advantage in their work?

Well…here’s one story of a gentlemen who gets up every morning at 6 AM and spends an hour (sometimes two) using PressDisplay for strategic marketing.  An independent consultant, this subscriber does marketing for a sustainable streetlight company in Victoria, BC called Streetlight Intelligence (according to their website, they have patented technology that can reduce energy consumption in streetlights up to 40%).

His job is to find new market opportunities for them around the world and he uses PressDisplay to help him do that. He has set up monitors for different keywords (one of which is obvious – streetlights).  In the past week alone, he has been able to share 2 significant market opportunities with the Streetllight Intelligence sales executives – one in Minneapolis and one in India. (Just check out the papers below…)

He wrote to tell me that PressDisplay has become indispensible to him in his work and that he has been sharing articles with clients and colleagues around the world on a daily basis. He is about to start his own blog on sustainability and will be posting articles from PressDisplay on it as well.

It’s always great to hear stories like this from customers. What about you? How do you use PressDisplay? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year everyone!

Streetlights to be spruced up before Games
Amitabh Shukla
Hindustan Times
23 Dec 2006

THE DELHI Government will sanction Rs 125 crore for sprucing up streetlights on Public Works Department-serviced roads in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. The proposal of the PWD to give an aesthetic look to the streetlights is likely to be… read more…

Minneapolis streetlights are shining too brightly

Star Tribune
25 Dec 2006

The city of Minneapolis has installed thousands of ornamental acorn- or lantern- style streetlamps in the past 15 years to improve neighborhoods and reduce crime, but the newlights are overly bright and poorly designed, making it difficult for police… read more…


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