How to listen to your favorite newspapers

Do you like to listen to the news while you work on your computer?   Well, then you’ll love this feature on PressDisplay.  With just a couple of clicks you can listen to any of our 350+ publications.  Let me show you…

Here is a story that was in the Daily Mail today about a man looking for a companion for a Jamaica vacation on eBay. 

For sale on eBay, a dream holiday with a stranger
By Sam Greenhill
Daily Mail
27 Dec 2006

IT is the ultimate romantic break – a luxury suite at a Jamaican couples’ resort, ocean views, candles, fresh flowers and massages. And it is on sale on the Internet site eBay for just a fraction of its £2,400 value. There is, of course, a catch…. read more…

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Notice when you view the article in text view, there is a speaker icon in the top toolbar.

Listen to Newspapers

If you click on that icon, a dialogue box opens up with the playlist for the whole newspaper, highlighting the story you chose.

Newspaper Radio Playlist 

In just a few seconds, PressDisplay will read the story to you.  And we do our best to offer a reader in an accent from the country where the paper is published.  In this case, the paper is from the UK, so the reader has an English accent.  Try it out and see.  Just click on this short video to hear part of the story for yourself.

Fun isn’t it?  You can jump to any story in the paper and edit the playlist to show stories by section if you wish.

Try it out  and let me know what you think.  More tips coming soon….