Some suggestions from subscribers

Today I learned about a feature request, from our Customer Service Manager, that I’d like to share with you.

A subscriber for one of our Smart Edition papers, The Washington Post,  suggested that we include the by-line in the preview snippet of the stories listed in the Table of Contents. 

Check out this picture below. Notice when you click on the Table of Contents control at the top of the window and hover over a page, all the aritcles on that page are listed for you.  You just click the one you want to read.

Nerw feature request

The subscriber’s suggestion was to add the author’s name to the snippet.   He indicated that he likes opinion pieces and this extra information would help him decide if he wanted to read the article or not.

Sounds like a good idea to me….it’s off to the folks in R&D.

We have also received requests for the ability to print the whole newspaper instead of just one page.  Unfortunately, our publishers would not be very happy about this.  In fact, we are legally not allowed to offer this feature and you can probably guess why.  If we were to allow this, a monthly subscriber paying less than $10 per month could print an unlimited number of a daily paper and sell them on the street, with no revenue going to the publisher.   So our hands are tied here.   So subscribers can print a single page using PressDisplay, but that’s the best we can offer.  We have other services at NewspaperDirect for people who want to print full newspapers.  Just check out our Print On Demand service for more information.

I’d love to hear more suggestions on improvements to PressDisplay.   And I’d love you to post them here so everyone can see them.