How to organize YOUR content on

Bookmarks are used to organize your content on (i.e. pages which contain articles of interest to you).  Any page in any publication can be bookmarked. Let me show you how easy it is…

Just open the page or article you want to bookmark and then click on the “star” icon at the bottom of the viewing window as shown below.

Bookmarking a page in PressDisplay

This will open up a dialogue box where you can select which page(s) you want to bookmark.  You can also add comments to the bookmark.  For example you might want to make a commentary on a specific article on the bookmarked page.

 Add comments to a bookmakr

 Once you’ve clicked on “Add”, you’ll be given an opportunity to send the bookmark to someone using email.

 adding a bookmark

Bookmarks are managed using your “Bookmark Manager” which can be accessed through the “My Services” menu item at the top right of PressDisplay.

Bookmark Manager

From the Bookmark Manager, you can incorporate text into your bookmarks, share your bookmarks, blog them and delete them.

Managing Bookmarks

You can also organize bookmarks in folders.  Notice in the above screen shot how PressDisplay keeps track of the bookmarks you emailed to a friend or posted on a blog. 

More on sharing bookmarks in a later post.  Stay tuned for a post on our new referral program coming up later today.