Top Stories versus Editors' Picks

Welcome back everyone. Hope all of you in the US had a great Thanksgiving weekend. 

I wanted to share another cool feature of PressDisplay for those of you haven’t discovered it yet. 

You know how on other web sites you see “top stories” listed?  Well, typically those top stories are chosen based on how many clicks they received (even if they were abandoned right away) OR by what editors “thought” readers would find interesting. 

Well, we thought that neither of those was really a true measure of the value of an article, so we created an algorithm that ranks a story by how long people actually spend reading it.  And then every 10 minutes, we refresh the whole site to show you what the latest “top stories” are from our readers’ perspective.  Cool eh?  We call this feature “article ranking”.

What we also offer is the ability for you to decide if you want to see all top stories from all 350+ sources OR just the top stories from your favorite papers or a mix of the two.  Don’t you just love being in control?

Check out the picture below.  You’ll see up on the top right corner of PressDisplay a scale above your Favorites list which says “All Sources__________My Newspapers” and has a little green slider above it:  

 Top Stories Selector in PressDisplay

Just move that little green slider from left to right and PressDisplay will update your display with the top stories based on where you leave the slider.  Take a look at this picture below. 

Article Ranking

See how the top stories differ depending on whether the green slider is over “All Sources” or “My Newspapers”?  I love this feature as it allows me to customize my view of the news on the fly.  Why don’t you check it out and let me know what you think.