Welcome to the PressDisplay Club!

Welcome to the PressDisplay Club!   Never heard of us?  That’s okay…. but shame on us, because we don’t know much about you either. Well, hopefully that’s all going to change now that we’ve seen the light! 

Thanks to Steve Broback, author of “Publish and Prosper: Blogging for Your Business”, president and CEO of Parnassus Ventures and the founder of the Blog Business Summit held in Seattle last month, we have learned that if you don’t keep up with technology changes in communicating with customers, you might as well pack up your company and go. 

So we’re on board the blogging train, looking to gain insight into what people want in an aggregated news site and how we can make PressDisplay.com better for our customers, our publishers and our partners. 

Don’t know what PressDisplay is?  Well, here’s what our formal marketing spiel says…. 

PressDisplay.com is the world leader in providing online digital replicas of over 350 newspapers and magazines from 65 countries in 35 languages.   

A “one stop shop” for the world’s most prestigious publications such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal Europe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph and The Los Angeles Times , PressDisplay.com provides consumers, bloggers, libraries, government, corporate clients and mobile users, with the widest range of full content publications on the web. 

Okay, I did the “proper corporate pitch”, so now we can have some fun.  PressDisplay has a ton of really cool features.  If you are news junky, you’ve just got to check it out.  Just go to www.pressdisplay.com and start playing with it.  You can read 2 articles from any issue for free – that’s over 700 articles free every day!   

I hope you’ll give it a try and then come back and tell me what you think.  I’ll be here every day to learn what you like/don’t like/want in the product.  And I’ll keep you up to date and the latest and greatest news from our side.   Thanks for taking the time to visit.  I’ll see you tomorrow!