Our New Home!

It’s an exciting time at NewspaperDirect.  In the past 6 months we’ve added over 100 publications to PressDisplay.com and the list keeps growing.  We’ll be at 500 before you know it!   

What’s also exciting is our new bigger and better digs.  Can’t wait to get the signage up!

But I think maybe we’re having a little trouble with spelling 🙂

What do I do with these?

Let’s start with “N” – it’s the biggest letter.

 Give me an N!

Almost there boys!

Almost there 

By George…I think they’ve got it!

Our New Home 

 No more stepping over each other to get to the coffee machine.  No more getting “high” from having an office too close to the gluing machine.  We’re growing up and our new home is just grand! 

But moving a company that is open 7/24/365 has its challenges. It’s not like you can just unplug the network and go. Amidst  the chaos, life and work must go on!

Work must go on! 

So why is everybody smiling?

Life in the NOC

Are they envisioning a football match in the halls of our new building? 

Soccer anyone? 

Or do they think they’ll have time to play a little golf when this is all over? 

So where's Tiger?

Whatever it is, smiling seems to be contagious around here and the gang is happy. 

Happy employees make happy customers I always say.

ALl is well

Drop by for a coffee sometime – we’re always open!  Life is good in
Vancouver at NewspaperDirect!